Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 11....oops!

I have not posted in a while! Oops! I have been doing well, just trying to stay warm without cooked foods! Okay... so, I have had one cooked dish... I made some vegetarian chili... oh was it good! I know, it's not raw(cause I cooked it!) but I am not going for 100%, more like 80-90%. I have also had some hot apple cider. This time of year just has to involve some of that! ;)

I am doing great and still loving this. Today I made my first nut mylk! I used almonds and honey... so good. I poured it over some cut up apples, raisins and flax seeds. It was DELICIOUS! Might be my new fave! I also had a green smoothie for lunch. Now I am working on some leftover veggie chili.
Bye for now!

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