Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So ready for this!

Okay, so in one day I will be embarking on my Raw Food Journey! I am so, so very excited. I have read so much online from blogs to recipes to raw food is all very inspiring. I can't wait to start having more energy! Although, I have really taken advantage of my last few weeks "cooked" though. Almost to the point of making myself sick! I have just been overdoing it with the processed, fatty, sugary, horrible-for-you foods.... and it is definitely showing. Ugh. I really am feeling gross, I figured I might as well live it up!! But now I am sooo ready to feel good again!! I have never gone Raw before, but I did do a Master Cleanse about a year ago and felt amazing. I am expecting the same feeling with going raw, but I get to eat!
I absolutely love to cook. I am obsessed with finding new recipes or making my own. The raw food world has completely opened a door to a new recipe world!!! I can't wait to experiment and try all these great recipes I am finding. As far as kitchen equipment goes.... I am a little lacking. I have a cheap blender, an alright juicer, and a food processor. I figure that will get be by for now. I would love, love, love to have a Vita-mix! Someday, yes someday! I am looking for a good, cheap dehydrator now so will hopefully have one soon.

In a nutshell -- I am soooo excited =)

Current Weight= 140
1st Goal = 130
2nd Goal = 120